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It is by God's Grace & Favor that Adrian Sing has been making waves in South Africa and the World, here is what we have been able to keep track of...

In 2012 he was selected and featured on the New Breed Album and got to work with Israel Houghton.

He gained a vast insight into the Gospel Music Industry and has not stopped advancing since then.

As 2014, Adrian Sing would accompany Pastor Benny Hinn on his annual tours in South Africa.

Many Articles have been written about Adrian Sing

"Describing himself as a student of the Word of God, Adrian Sing says that he made great discoveries in the Holy Bible about who he was and is to be through Christ Jesus working in him — the head and not the tail, a child of God, a member of a Holy Nation, a royal priesthood — and other biblical truths — just naturally found their way into his songwriting."


In 2015 Adrian Sing released his debut Album, "Unashamed" which boasts 12 amazing tracks which will rejuvenate and refresh your Faith!

The winning track is one of 12 original songs that can be found on Sing’s debut album, Unashamed. The album, which was released late in 2015, is described as a mixture of gospel, rock, pop and worship based songs. You can immediately pick up a blend of all of these flavors as you get into the album.

All the glory is the opening track and brings with it an energy that serves as an excellent introduction to the newcomer’s musical style. With a strong rock and electric guitar influence, the song is reminiscent of something you would hear on a Planet Shakers offering, with a catchy chorus that says: “All the glory/All the honor/It all belongs to you!”

This Album is Available on iTunes and on the Android Play-store.

SABC Crown Gospel Music Award Winner, Adrian Sing, accolades his recent success to God.

“It is to God whom I give the glory for opening every door for me and creating a path where there didn't seem to be a way,”

He was also a finalist in the 2016 Durban Gospel Icon Discovery Awards

In early 2017, Adrian Sing did a hit single collaboration with Sgwili Richmond Zuma.

This is an isiZulu track that Adrian Sing authored and it has already started trending on the mainstream and in Churches.

Nominated for 4 Ingoma Awards for 2017

Adrian Sing has lately been nominated for 4 categories, for the 4th Ingoma Awards which will be held at the Lyric Theater on the 26th of August 2017.

The 4th category which is not mentioned below is "Best Song Writer" which the judges will determine prior to the awards.

Tickets are already available at Computicket and you can also watch Live from the comfort of your home on Channel 340 - "Dumisa"

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