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Adrian Sing loves God and that is the basis of His music, he is passionate about seeing people connect with God. He loves serving people and therefore ministers effectively in speech and song. Browse Adrian's latest music below:

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He is a unique powerful worship leader and minister set for this generation, a pace setter with skill, gifting & great talent. His Sound is unique global one as he reaches audiences around the world. He serves at Rhema Durban in Greenwood Park, Durban South Africa.

Durban South Africa is where it all began for Adrian who is a son to Dr R.J Sing and Pastor Zubeda Sing, husband to Roxanne and father to two children David and Jade.

The Sing Family

His parents started following all the crusades of Pastor Benny Hinn and Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke. Dr Sing wanted to leave work and be involved in the changing of people’s lives in these crusades like what happened to him. He found that God had a call on his life. They found a local church where they served in but in their hearts they knew this was just the start of a journey as they had a burning desire to see others who were in their position hungry and desperate for God. 

But for the questions they had, the answers they sought for could only be found in the Holy Bible, which became the basis of their lives and faith. They began to read and study The Word of God and live by it. They believed Gods word realizing and knowing that God had given them and us all – great promises to live by, which they believed and confessed.

Dr. Sing and Pastor Zubeda raised Wesley and Adrian in the ways of the Lord. Always taking them to church and to children’s church giving them a solid foundation on which to build their faith and lives. It is here where Adrian started learning most of the accounts in the Holy Bible, which he kept and drew his strength from. Learning to trust and believe God from an early age.

He attended youth and had the privilege of sharing this passion of wining souls for Jesus Christ. Wherever, whenever he would speak to people about Jesus Christ unashamed whether in the street, mall, queue etc.

He would attend music rehearsals at church for several years but not get used which did discourage him but he remembered king David when he was too young to go with his brothers and Joseph when he shared his dream and people laughed and he was thrown into a pit. That’s why he had to have a personal relationship with God to ask God and talk to him about different things. He then realized how much God loved him and cared about him.

He saw the power of God in his dad’s church, how Holy Spirit moved and lives were changed. He also saw what type of life you had to live which was described in the writings of The Apostle Paul to Timothy. His confidence in God began to grow because he realized that with God nothing is impossible. Nor was any dream too big. It wasn’t in skill but a gift from God that was to be nurtured and developed. God could use anyone who was willing to be used. His Father and Pastor Benny Hinn and many other great men of God have prophesied over his life. At the time it seemed like, “how could this happen” but in his heart he knew that God had called him.

Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny & Adrian Sing

Pastor Benny & Adrian Sing

He suffered with a severe back pain around the age of 13 and stayed at home one day due to this pain. He was watching a Program by Pastor Benny Hinn on TV called “This is Your Day”. At the end of the program Pastor Benny was praying for people who were sick and called his healing out by the Grace of God. He laid his hands on the screen and received his healing. He said in his heart he knew that he would meet Pastor Benny Hinn. Little did he realize that some 13 years later he would lead worship at a service that Pastor Benny was in.

He started singing at age 10 in his school choir but never as a lead singer. He began singing in his father’s church at 16 with backing tracks and then DVDs as there were no, musicians. He then started learning to play the piano at 18 to help out at church. He wrote a few songs during this time but never penned the pieces down thinking it was just personal worship to God and not for anyone else at the time.

Israel Houghton – “New Breed” Leader

In 2011 New Breed had auditions in Durban where he went to support someone who was going and then decided audition while waiting in the line. He was then chosen and sang on the on the New Breed Africa album in 2012. Shortly after this Adrian was suffered with a skin condition which made his hands blister and it became difficult to play the piano at church. He recalls his son questioning him on the topic and why he had to wear plasters on his hands all the time. He questioned God on the topic but was reminded of the Israelite’s after leaving Egypt that God provided everything for them like a cloud to protect them from the heat of the day and a pillar of fire by night. The song The Lord will never fail was birthed from this encounter. He received his healing from God and his faith in the living God has grown tremendously. This testimony he speaks of often wherever he goes. He then started to write down all of his accounts with God that he had put them into prophetic song formats. He has more than 30 songs registered but only 12 would be released with his debut album “Unashamed” released in late 2015. In 2012, 2013, 2014 he had sung for Pastor Benny Hinn at a few crusades in Durban, South Africa and other various events but his focus has always been winning souls for God’s Kingdom.

As a songwriter he wanted people to understand that the heart of a person was what God was after. We need to have a personal relationship with God through prayer and His Word. Private worship before public, he said that public worship was an extension of what you did privately. He wanted people to listen and have a burning desire to want to get to know God, to please Him. He wants people to experience The Presence of God. He wanted the world to know how much he appreciates and loves God and for who Jehovah, our God and Father is and not what only, just what He can do.


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Adrian Sing is a South African Artist with a Contemporary Style of Praise and Worship Tempered with Mainstream Rock and Pop

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